Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Designated Cleaning Buckets

Having buckets that hold  your cleaning supplies makes sense, it makes toting the supplies to the area that needs to be cleaned much easier. Make it fun by sorting your supplies into different brightly colored buckets. Designate a color to a certain area or type of cleaning.

You will probably want a bucket for:
Cleaning the Kitchen
Cleaning the Bathrooms
Washing the Windows
Dusting the Furniture

To make things even easier, especially if you have children that help with chores around the house, make a list of tasks that should be completed in each area of the home. Sort the list by best task to complete first down the the task that should be done last.

Be sure to keep your buckets where you will be most likely to grab one to use it to clean!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Organize your Craft Room with Baskets

Getting a craft room organized can be a major task. Especially since it is said that creative types tend to have trouble with organization. So let's talk about organizing with baskets:

Square baskets can be used on the shelves of a desk in order to organize craft supplies.
Have high shelves? Use baskets on them to keep items that are only used occasionally out of the way, but organized.

Use your printer and create some nice labels to know what are in your baskets. This will also help with clean up since you will know exactly where items belong.

This twine holder basket from Red Hill General Store could possible double for balls of yarn:

How have you used baskets to help keep your craft room organized?