Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Wrapping" your Christmas gifts in buckets!

Are you tired of wrapping your gifts every year in the same old boring wrapping paper? Me too! Even when I buy a new roll of wrapping paper, I feel like my gifts look the same every year. Then it hit me! Why not try "wrapping" gifts in a bucket?

Displaying an assortment of gifts in a bucket is not only a cool way to showcase the items, but also practical because the bucket is a gift in itself! From washing your car or mopping the floor to storing items in the garage or stashing some cold beverages on ice, everyone can find a handy use for a quality bucket!

This metal bucket is a beautiful hunter green color and I filled it with a variety of items any man on your gift list would love! I filled the bucket with flashlights, lanterns, a few assorted tools, work gloves and other like items and topped it all off with a festive bow tied to the bucket handle.

Another neat idea to give your gift bucket a finished look is to wrap the bucket in clear cellophane and tie it all together with a ribbon or bow.

We offer a wide variety of colors, so you're sure to find the perfect bucket for anyone on your Christmas list this year! Choosing the items to fill the bucket is fun too! Happy bucket filling!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beans growing in a galvanized tub planter

Using the 5.5 gallon galvanized planter tub we planted beans this spring. 

These beans will be bushes. This tub is what we used to transplant the seedlings once they sprouted in the window. 

This is a new, made in America, galvanized planter tub which holds 5.5 gallons. The hot dipped galvanized steel tub will last a generation. we bought it here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year of Organizing with Buckets

It's a new year and we have got too much clutter, from our kids' rooms filled with new toys to trying to find a better way to organize our garage or utility room. But how do we organize without just stuffing it all in a closet or cabinet for it just to cause an avalanche as soon as the door is opened. One great way we have found to organize and store items without creating an eyesore is using shelves along with tubs and buckets. Shelving can be created from scratch, ready to assemble, or prebuilt shelves. I in particular like to build to fit the space I am using, but I understand this may not be the best choice for many individuals. My son's room is a constant battle to keep clean but I found that when I create fun ways to store his toys he tends to keep his things in their respective places. The way I really made this a fun thing was these 16 quart color buckets, which are made of durable powder coated steel. He enjoys placing items in the buckets but who has room for buckets to just sit around in the floor? So I found a solution, shelves, instead of the floor being cluttered with these pails.

I found an empty space in the room, happened to be below his window, that I felt would be a good place for these pails to be within reach for quick and easy playtime and clean up. I measured my space so that I could create or buy a shelving unit that would fit.

After much thought and know my own ability I decided that I would cut and build my own shelving and decided to create slanted shelves (this is not necessary for creating an attractive storage space). With the slanted shelves I had to include a small board along the front to keep the bucket on the shelf.

After assembling my shelves I screwed them in place and put the buckets on them filled with toys. Since then my son has decided that other items should go in these shelves.

As good as this turned out for me I am ready to find other places to implement this type of storage. Maybe organize a closet using the wire shelving that you can find at the local home improvement store.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wedding Decor

Some home and wedding event decor ideas: 

Consider letting the venue and its scenery speak for itself, rather than putting giant elaborate centerpieces up – keep bucket centerpieces beautiful with minimalism. Centerpieces made with metal buckets should never obstruct your guests’ views of each other. The stunning wedding or event dinner to remember will have good views of the guests across the table. Try a single rose in a white bucket or a pair a few daisies with stems coupled in twine with the light green tin pail. Alright, these buckets make elaborate centerpieces that are lovely too. Scale is the most important consideration when making DIY bucket center pieces. The size and colors of flowers and buckets should reflect table and room size and complement the color scheme.

Use mason jars to create unique flower arrangements. Ones like this one above look wonderful along a wedding's isle. 

The rustic style of galvanized buckets make simple or chic decorations for all occasions.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

44 Bucket Ideals

#1  Photo Bucket

#2  Before I Tip The Bucket

#3  Cell Phone Holder

#4  Office Supplies

#5 Mock Sundial Bucket

#6  Compose Bucket

#7  Flower Bucket

#9  Washtub

#10  Ice Bucket

#11 Easter Bucket


#12  Bucket Feed

#13  Oil Pan

Would use this Wash Pan for an Excellent oil pan

#14  Miniature Trash Bucket

#15 Utility Bucket

(will add photos later)

#16  fruit bucket

#17  Chicken bucket

#18  Tip Container

#19  Halloween Bucket-done

#20  bucket drinking cup

#21  Cat litter pan

#22  Egg Bucket

#23  Bucket Dispenser

#24  Bucket Can Holder

#25 Document Burner

#26  Milk Bucket

#27  Water Bucket

#28  Popcorn Bucket

#29  Candy Bucket

#30  Champlain bucket

#31 Bucket Candle

#32  Bucket Seats

#33  Bucket Sink

#34  Ash Tray

#35  Bucket Cake

#36  Foot ball Cake
Galvanized metal Oval Low Bowl - 
Cake mix Iceing Brown and White

#37  Easter Cake 
Galvanized metal Oval Low Bowl - 
Cake mix Iceing Easter Colors Foil

#38  Hermit The Frog Cake

#39  Bucket Boaster Seat

#40  Bucket Cup Cake

#41  Bucket Dirt Cake

#42  Sand Castle Toys

#43  lamp shade

#44  Plant a flower

Dose Any Our Readers Have Any Buckets Ideal?
Look Forward Hearing form You.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Three classic and beautiful DIY potted plants: easily to collect and plant on a budget

I've had the best success planting in these small metal buckets! This spring Jenny, who provides excellent customer service here at Red Hill General Store by day, decided to ring in spring by giving these buckets to the other ladies in the office (she's in agreement that these are some of the BEST buckets for planting anything.)

Materials You'll Need
  1. any amount of these galvanized center piece buckets or these colorful bucket centerpieces. We used the "Orhby461" mini metal bucket (the middle of the three). The tapering we liked and the size was perfect. Any of these three buckets look wonderful as planters.
  2. Hammer and nail for punching small holes in the bottom of the buckets (otherwise the roots may become too hydrated and the plant can die)
  3. Potting soil
  4. Small shovel for digging up and replanting the plant you select (Jenny planted hens and chickens, Johnny Jump-Ups, and Sedum or Autum Joy). 
  1. Once you've received your buckets (and bucket outlet ships very fast, trust us) punch 3-5 holes in the bottom. It's a forgiving art, just make sure the soil can drain.
  2. Dig up the plants you wish to transplant and plant them in the bucket using potting soil to fill around the plant. 
  3. Jenny says if you keep them outside, they hardly ever need water.
The Leafy flower in the front is Sedum or Autum Joy. It should be transplanted using clippings in the spring. Below is a full grown Autum Joy with flowers.

According to fine gardening, this plant is as dependable and adaptable as they come. Its flowers bloom from August into November; they open pink and mature to a copper befitting of autumn. It is 2 feet tall and wide, with succulent stems and leaves. 'Autumn Joy' looks great with ornamental grasses.The long-blooming lowers change from deep pink to copper. Attracts butterflies.
These small yellow and purple flowers look excellent in a small metal decorative washtub. Jenny found these Johnny Jump-ups in her driveway and transplanted them for a thoughtful office gift.

Known commonly as Heartsease, Johnny-jump-up, Love-in-idleness, and Wild pansy is an annual, biennial, or short-lived perennial. Viola tricolor is pretty in containers, as edging, or as a companion for bulbs. It self-seeds readily.

The Wild Pansy may be collected any time from June to August, when the foliage is in the best condition.

The herb contains an active chemical principle, Violine (a substance similar to Emetin, having an emeto-cathartic action), mucilage, resin, sugar, salicylic acid and a bitter principle. When bruised, the plant, and especially the root, smells like peach kernels or prussic acid. The seeds are considered to have the same therapeutic activity as the leaves and flowers.It was formerly in much repute as a remedy for epilepsy, asthma and numerous other complaints, and the flowers were considered cordial and good in diseases of the heart, from which may have arisen its popular name of Heartsease as much as from belief in it as a love potion. It was formerly official in the United States Pharmacopoeia, and is still employed in America in the form of an ointment and poultice in eczema and other skin troubles, and internally for bronchitis.

A favorite of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, hens-and-chicks are popular once again with gardeners looking for drought-tolerant, easy care plants. Darlings of today's xeriscape gardens, trough gardens, and rooftop gardens, these plants are appreciated for their easy care and tolerance for extremely dry conditions. The neat rosettes multiply freely by runners that form dense colonies. Flowering rosettes die after bloom time, but are quickly replaced. They are excellent between pavers on patios and walkways.

See more container gardening by Kenneth from his creative container spring time planting blogpost.

Happy Gardening and Happy Buckets this Tuesday!