Monday, July 14, 2014

Wedding Decor

Some home and wedding event decor ideas: 

Consider letting the venue and its scenery speak for itself, rather than putting giant elaborate centerpieces up – keep bucket centerpieces beautiful with minimalism. Centerpieces made with metal buckets should never obstruct your guests’ views of each other. The stunning wedding or event dinner to remember will have good views of the guests across the table. Try a single rose in a white bucket or a pair a few daisies with stems coupled in twine with the light green tin pail. Alright, these buckets make elaborate centerpieces that are lovely too. Scale is the most important consideration when making DIY bucket center pieces. The size and colors of flowers and buckets should reflect table and room size and complement the color scheme.

Use mason jars to create unique flower arrangements. Ones like this one above look wonderful along a wedding's isle. 

The rustic style of galvanized buckets make simple or chic decorations for all occasions.  

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