Friday, August 31, 2012

Decoupaging a Galvanized Bucket

Decoupaging a bucket so that it will match your decor or make a fun gift bucket is an easy task.

So, how does one decoupage their own bucket?

First you will need some supplies:
Bucket of your choice
Decoupage glue
Paper or fabric of your choice
Sponge Brush
Acrylic Finishing Spray

Clean the surface of your bucket with a damp cloth and then dry it.
Cut your fabric or paper into the shape(s) you want to apply to your bucket.
Brush the decoupage glue onto your bucket and then apply your paper/fabric. Be sure to smooth wrinkles and air bubbles as you go.
Apply a layer of the decoupage glue to the top of your project. For a shinier look add layers of glue (after previous layer has dried) until you are satisfied.
Allow to completely dry then coat with the acrylic finishing spray.

This is also a great craft to use on mason jars or milk bottles.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buckets in the Bathroom

Buckets and wash tubs make amazing bathroom storage. There are so many ways they can be utilized in a bathroom, there are a variety of sizes, making them ideal for storing everything from q-tips to towels.

Here is our favorite bathroom bucket idea for you:

Add hooks and store makeup within easy reach above the sink.
All you need is some wall space, hooks, and buckets of your choice. Designate each bucket to a use. One could be for make up brushes. One could be for hairbands and bows. The limit is your imagination.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Growing Succulents in Buckets & Tubs

On of our great gals in customer service purchased some buckets to take home to decorate her home with. She decided to grow some gorgeous succulents in them, and we all agree that they look amazing.

The above succulents are in one of our oval wash tubs.

So how does one grow succulents in a container?

First we need to know what a succulent is. Succulents include, but are not limited to: sempervivums, sedums, aloes, kalanchoes, and echeverias. They are plants that have fleshy toned leaves. Succulents tend to thrive in hot climates and poor soil.

Step one, select your container, if it does not have drainage holes you will want to add some to the bottom of the container, once you have the holes you need add some gravel to the bottom of your container to help with drainage of water. 

Step two, preparing your soil, you can purchase soil made just for succulents or you can create your own by making a mixture of 25% builders sand added to a good soilless mix.

Step three, plant your succulents, if you are not sure that you are going to keep your succulent container around you can pack the plants in fairly well as succulents are very slow growing plants.

To care for your succulents keep in mind that they love the sunshine, and they do need consistent moisture, they are not cacti. In the winter you will need to bring them in and put them in a window that gets lots of sunshine throughout the day.

Succulents in a bucket.

Succulents in a wood handled wash tub.

What are you growing in containers right now?