Friday, August 31, 2012

Decoupaging a Galvanized Bucket

Decoupaging a bucket so that it will match your decor or make a fun gift bucket is an easy task.

So, how does one decoupage their own bucket?

First you will need some supplies:
Bucket of your choice
Decoupage glue
Paper or fabric of your choice
Sponge Brush
Acrylic Finishing Spray

Clean the surface of your bucket with a damp cloth and then dry it.
Cut your fabric or paper into the shape(s) you want to apply to your bucket.
Brush the decoupage glue onto your bucket and then apply your paper/fabric. Be sure to smooth wrinkles and air bubbles as you go.
Apply a layer of the decoupage glue to the top of your project. For a shinier look add layers of glue (after previous layer has dried) until you are satisfied.
Allow to completely dry then coat with the acrylic finishing spray.

This is also a great craft to use on mason jars or milk bottles.

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