Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Wrapping" your Christmas gifts in buckets!

Are you tired of wrapping your gifts every year in the same old boring wrapping paper? Me too! Even when I buy a new roll of wrapping paper, I feel like my gifts look the same every year. Then it hit me! Why not try "wrapping" gifts in a bucket?

Displaying an assortment of gifts in a bucket is not only a cool way to showcase the items, but also practical because the bucket is a gift in itself! From washing your car or mopping the floor to storing items in the garage or stashing some cold beverages on ice, everyone can find a handy use for a quality bucket!

This metal bucket is a beautiful hunter green color and I filled it with a variety of items any man on your gift list would love! I filled the bucket with flashlights, lanterns, a few assorted tools, work gloves and other like items and topped it all off with a festive bow tied to the bucket handle.

Another neat idea to give your gift bucket a finished look is to wrap the bucket in clear cellophane and tie it all together with a ribbon or bow.

We offer a wide variety of colors, so you're sure to find the perfect bucket for anyone on your Christmas list this year! Choosing the items to fill the bucket is fun too! Happy bucket filling!

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