Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bucket Decorating Ideas

We love galvanized buckets and tubs. Here are some of our favorite decorating ideas for DIY crafters using metal buckets. With millions of uses, metal buckets make timeless and practical decorations. The secret to decorating with galvanized and metal buckets is to make them useful and to be creative. There are no rules or guidelines. 

Storage is most popular way to use a galvanized bucket for decorating. You can store literally anything in galvanized buckets. Elizabeth invites us into her crafty home to see how she uses buckets for functional storage and rustic chic home decor. 

Elizabeth loves incorporating colorful vintage buttons into her sewing creations and storing them in small buckets that give her easy access to the color she wants. Small buckets make perfect colorful button holders. Small buckets are convenient for uncluttered paperclips, candy, pens, and marbles. When it comes to bucket decoration think simple. One or three buckets can really do the trick. You want to eliminate clutter with galvanized bucket decorating; not add to it. Our next bucket is an expert example of successful pen organizing and home decor. 

Our smallest chalkboard bucket is pictured here (of the five available sizes). What's not to love about small galvanized chalkboard buckets?  Elizabeth practices brilliant hand lettering with special pens. Keeping her pens in a bucket makes them easy to use. A chalkboard bucket begging for personalized letters is the perfect accent to her home. 

 Elizabeth uses buckets for storing old flour sacks that she uses to make traditional Appalachian quilts. The colorful turquoise bucket brings cheer into her dining room. It's handy to bring out when she needs it and otherwise she keeps it on a shelf. Galvanized buckets with handles are also great for keeping socks, fabric, sewing supplies, markers, teas and cleaning supplies. 

Elizabeth uses a galvanized wash tub for storing her yarn. Crafty! We think it's the best yarn storage idea we've seen! Large metal buckets and tubs make great organization and storage containers for blankets, clothing, shoes, garden supplies, pet supplies, and toys. 

Large metal buckets are also great for bringing in wood to keep by the stove. 


Decorating with buckets makes humans and cats alike happy. 

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