Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year of Organizing with Buckets

It's a new year and we have got too much clutter, from our kids' rooms filled with new toys to trying to find a better way to organize our garage or utility room. But how do we organize without just stuffing it all in a closet or cabinet for it just to cause an avalanche as soon as the door is opened. One great way we have found to organize and store items without creating an eyesore is using shelves along with tubs and buckets. Shelving can be created from scratch, ready to assemble, or prebuilt shelves. I in particular like to build to fit the space I am using, but I understand this may not be the best choice for many individuals. My son's room is a constant battle to keep clean but I found that when I create fun ways to store his toys he tends to keep his things in their respective places. The way I really made this a fun thing was these 16 quart color buckets, which are made of durable powder coated steel. He enjoys placing items in the buckets but who has room for buckets to just sit around in the floor? So I found a solution, shelves, instead of the floor being cluttered with these pails.

I found an empty space in the room, happened to be below his window, that I felt would be a good place for these pails to be within reach for quick and easy playtime and clean up. I measured my space so that I could create or buy a shelving unit that would fit.

After much thought and know my own ability I decided that I would cut and build my own shelving and decided to create slanted shelves (this is not necessary for creating an attractive storage space). With the slanted shelves I had to include a small board along the front to keep the bucket on the shelf.

After assembling my shelves I screwed them in place and put the buckets on them filled with toys. Since then my son has decided that other items should go in these shelves.

As good as this turned out for me I am ready to find other places to implement this type of storage. Maybe organize a closet using the wire shelving that you can find at the local home improvement store.

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