Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Decorate a Flower Girl Pail

One of the simplest DIY wedding projects, is decorating a flower girl pail or bucket. 

To create your own flower girl bucket, you will need a bucket that can work as your flower girl pail. You will also need ribbon, a hot glue gun, and a flower or decorative item of your choice.

Carefully hot glue the ribbon around the bucket (most people either glue in the middle or top, it just depends on the look that you are going for). The ends of the ribbon should meet where you want your decorative item to be placed at on the bucket. This is so that the ends of the ribbon are covered, giving your bucket a finished look.

Not going to be dropping flower petals? One bride-to-be has her "flower" girl dropping heart shaped book page confetti at a literary themed wedding. Using some stickers, book pages, and a printer she mod podged her way to a bucket for her little librarian. 

The possibilities for your flower girl bucket are endless, just use a little imagination and you can have the perfect bucket for your flower girl to accent your wedding.

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