Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Uses for Buckets in the Garden

Farmers and gardeners alike usually have several buckets on hand at any given time. Buckets can be very useful in the garden. Here are a few of our favorite bucket uses:

Use a galvanized bucket to haul your tools around. This is especially helpful if you have several gardening areas or flower beds distributed around your yard.

Fill a bucket with water to water trees or other large plants that need more water than a watering can will provide.

Image from Flickr. Taken by Dave Haygarth.

Use your bucket to tote kitchen scraps out to your compost heap.

Image from Flickr. Taken by andrew.petro.
Grow something in your buckets. Here's a list of blogs that can help get you started:
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So grab some buckets or a metal pail and use them to help out in your own garden! Did we miss any uses that you think we should have shared? Please let us know in the comments below.

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