Friday, June 14, 2013

Buckets Can be Beautiful

It's not often that you think of the beauty that lies within a bucket. But it can be found. Buckets make wonderful additions to home decor, storage, yard chores, office organization and much more. And while performing their tasks they can also add a little something extra to your space.

1. This photo found on flickr taken by Rupert Ganzer is of some beautiful red buckets hanging for a fire brigade.
2. These aged galvanized buckets are hanging out on a bench with some gorgeous yard decor, waiting to be put to use for the next task in the yard or garden.
3. Rain is captured beautifully by wonderferret as it lands in a dark green bucket that was set outside to capture some rain for extra water.
4. A small bucket is perfect for collecting just enough blueberries for a pie or cobbler.
5. Tomatoes cascade out of a plastic bucket used for harvesting in this photo captured by timlewisnm.
6. Large paint buckets hold beautiful bright tulips on display for sale. 

Find the beauty in buckets and add some to your home!

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  1. Inspiring old ideas for new spaces at home & in the world. Love this & buckets!