Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Flowers from recycled wool sweaters

Jenny was sweeping the front porch yesterday and she gave me a surprise present even though she was celebrating her 7th wedding anniversary. This is a how-to post (to help build interesting content that contributes to our bottom line) and also an online thank-you letter to a talented part of our skilled customer-service team. 

Her creative creations are a hobby that takes undesirable wool (in thrift-store sweater form) and transforms them into the perfect winter outfit addition. Hot glue, a complementary button and a simple pin back is all she uses. I think my beautiful wool flower pin will have a permanent home on my winter coat. This pin might also look great on straw hats like these! Earth colors are my favorite. 

Sharing your recycled wool flower pins on your wedding anniversary is very thoughtful - you better believe these sell on etsy for $11.00 each! Thanks Jenny! 

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